Gabby's Journey Through Craniosynostosis

Saturday, April 2, 2011

CT Scan photos

I started this blog for myself to keep track of all that was going on, and to also keep family and friends updated on Gabrielle. Now my main focus is to help other families dealing with craniosynostosis. Over the past few years I have been contacted by several other mothers who have children with craniosynostosis. When I hear from them I want to reach through the screen and give them a big hug! I met a wonderful mother through Gabby's journey who took me under her wing and provided me with all the information and support I needed to get through the trying times (thanks Cindy!). I strongly believe that once you go through something like this and experience those wonderful people out there, it is then your turn to give back. I hope that this blog can help provide information and an honest view of one little girl's journey through craniosynostosis and be helpful to those looking for information.

I was debating about ordering Gabby's CT Scans to post some pictures. I didn't know if it would be to graphic for some, but my purpose is to educate so I am going for it. I requested the CT scans and they arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Now I can share what her skull looked like one year out, and more currently, just as it appeared three days ago at her 2 year check up. Remember that a skull of a child this age should not have any open areas anymore. Those that Gabby has were created from expanding her skull during her surgery.

I am amazed by what our bodies can do. I hope you are too!

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The first photo is from a year ago. When you look on the second one you can see all the screw holes have healed and the opening on the front of her skull is definitely getting smaller. You can see that the area on the top of her head on the left is healing well too.

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This is the large area on the right hand side of her head where Dr. Jensen moved her skull out the most. The smaller areas are filling in, but the large one has a ways to go. Dr. Jensen said that the brain has to continue to grow to better fill in the space that was created. He believes it is the outermost layer of the brain, the dura, that helps contribute to the bone growth (if I understood him correctly).

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Also healing nicely!

If you are a family going through craniosynostosis and would like to chat, please feel free to email me at


Cole Twins said...

Hey Jodi!! What wonderful scans!! Gabrielle looks WONDERFUL! I am so glad she is healing well!

Also, It was my pleasure helping you through her surgery!! It is a scary time, and you are right, everyone she have a "helping hand" through it all!!

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